Education 3.0 Jim's book on vision and planning for schools is published by Teacher's College Press. Click to visit the book's web site.

Professional Development LEC Professional Development Click for a brochure

On-Site Workshops
LEC has conducted more than 500 on-site workshops for more than 10,000 educators over the last decade. Our specialty is the application of new technologies to teaching and learning, in both K-12 and higher education settings. All of our workshop leaders are seasoned educators with many years of classroom experience. We custom-design each workshop to meet the needs of the participants. Our most popular workshops include:
• Meet Your iPad
• iPad for Teaching and Learning
• eBooks: Using and Creating
• iPad Productivity
• iPad Creativity
• Technology Leadership
• Assessing Your Progress

On-Line Courses
As complements to the on-site workshops, or as self-paced courses for educators who prefer independent learning, our on-line courses include background reading, live demo podcasts, step-by-step instructions, practical projects, and individual evaluation of participant work. We offer on-line courses for each of the topics listed above.

Vision and Planning
LEC has helped dozens of schools, colleges, and districts all over the world to envision and plan their 1:1 initiatives. Following the steps in the book Education 3.0, our process can help you get the entire community moving in the same direction, avoid common pitfalls, and plan for what you'll ned in terms of infrastructure, curriculum development, and teacher development.

Coaching and Mentoring
LEC can provide continuing encouragement, support, and advice to teachers and school leaders through a combination of on-site and online contacts, communication, and information, in real time.

LEC charges $1200 per day for on-site workshops and consultation, and $200 per educator for online courses.

iPad WorkshopsKathi has conducted hundreds of workshops to introduce thousands of school principals and teachers to the potential of the iPad in their classrooms and lives. Click to learn more.

Integrating TechnologyKathi and Jim wrote this book about putting technology to work in schools. It's published by Allyn and Bacon. Click to visit the book's web site.

Top Cat Sailing Capt. Jim and Admiral Kathi teach folks to sail and take them for cruises and day-sails with Top Cat, their Alerion Express 38 Yawl. Click to learn more.

Video Analysis of Teaching Jim has designed an online system for uploading, viewing, and analyzing teaching, with an array of rubrics and online tools. It works on all platforms, including the iPad. Currently being used by Hunter College, Harlem Success Academies, Rhode Island Principals, and many school districts. Click to see an example. (password=videodemo)

Digital Learning Survey

LEC's online Digital Learning Survey has helped many schools ascertain the nature of learning with technology. More than 5,000 teachers hve responded to the survey, which is designed to help guide a professional development plan. Based on NSF-funded research, it analyzes a teacher's integration of technology along a five-point scale, in the areas of attitude, research, communication, media, productivity, and teaching method. Click to review the survey.

Technology ComptenciesJim has developed an online system to help teachers learn the technology skills they need, and for their supervisors to assess their competency. Click to see an example. Competencies include:

1. create learning documents
2. analyze quantitative data
3. develop graphic information

4. conduct online search
5. evaluate online sources
6. save and cite sources

7. use digital communication
8. incorporate online collaboration
9. do online publishing

10. differentiate instruction
11. images, audio, and video
12. multimedia materials

13. prepare presentations
14. deliver multimedia
15. employ devices

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Digital Campus AcademyDigital Campus Academy
A professional development program for college faculty, including workshops on:

• Meet Your Macintosh
• Meet Your iPad
• The Power of Images
• Rethinking the Lecture
• Podcasting
• Digital Video
• Publishing an eBook
• Online Collaboration
• Online Distribution
• Digital Opportunities
• Copyright and Education 3.0

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Workshop DescriptionsWorkshop and Lecture Descriptions

Education 1-2-3 How our schools need to change to serve the needs of the modern economy, while at the same time capitalizing on the industry and energy of youth.
A Day in the Life: Education 3.0 What does Education 3.0 look like, from the point of view of a student? Some examples from schools on the cutting edge, and relying on mobile learning.
Education 3.0 How Schools Around the World are Re-visiting their Mission in Light of Mobile Technologies
Assess Yourself How to set up a comprehensive system to identify your most important goals as a school, assess them regularly, and report them effectively to your various constituents.
iPad for Learning (hands-on) How to configure an iPad to serve as a library, a teacher, and organizer, and a communicator in the hands of students -- and of their teachers.
iPads for School Leaders (hands-on) How a school director or principal can use an iPad for teacher observation, faculty communication, school assessment, and day-to-day administrative and creative work.
iPad 1-to-1 Hands-on Planning for school and district leaders. Participants develop a vision and implementation plan for a 1 to 1 iPad program, including professional and curriculum development, app management, workflow, and network services.
Building a Digital Campus An overview of how the world's leading universities are changing the nature of teaching and learning through the application of technology. 
Rethinking the Lecture (hands-on) Helps faculty members prepare engaging multimedia lecture presentations, incorporating visual communication techniques and active learning strategies.
Podcasting 101: What, Why, and How (hands-on) An introduction to the power and possibilities of podcasting for teaching and learning, with a live look at podcasts from other colleges, and a live demonstration of how a podcast is constructed and published.
Podcasting 102: Roll Your Own  (hands-on) Build a short podcast from your own content. Learn the characteristics of a successful podcast, then combine voice, images, and music to create and publish your own podcast.
iPad Learning Simulation (hands-on) Participants take on he role of students and work their way through a learning sequence that uses the iPad to research, learn, reflect, organize, and communicate academic information.
Build an iPad Presentation (hands-on) Use Keynote to build a presentation in your area of specialty. walk away with a useful product as well as hands-on practice with he iPad.
Design an iPad Learning Sequence (hands-on) Design a series of iPad-using assignments for one of your courses.
Mobile Learning Around the World How mobile devices in the hands of students and teachers can transform what we learn, how we learn it, where, and when we carry on our education.

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The Lair unit sleeps five in two bedrooms with two full baths, kitchenette, dining area, patio, and a 300 square foot living room. With 12-foot ceilings, knotty pine walls, stone fireplace, and big windows overlooking the forest, you find yourself in a ski lodge, not a condo.

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The Lodge was completely renovated in 2014, and offers hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on premises, with equipment available. High-speed internet and dry firewood are provided. No smoking, no pets. Children welcome. Friendly, occasionally intelligent, and sometimes helpful owners often live in the loft unit.

Contact Jim Lengel, 508 904 0749, jim@lengel.net, or click to learn more.

Cedar Cove Cottage On the waterfront of Narragansett Bay, Cedar Cove Cottage offers weekly and nightly getaways, accessible by car, boat, or bicycle. Two separate apartment units of two bedrooms each, plus waterside deck, picnic pergola, fire pit, private yard, and private beach welcome families interested in the beach, boating, the outdoors, and life by the water.

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Contact Jim Lengel, jim@lengel.net 508-904-0749, or click to learn more.

LEC, Inc.

Jim and Kathi's work is organized through Lengel Educational Consulting, Inc., a Rhode Island corporation fully insured, licensed, and registered with Federal and State authorities.

Client ListClients

LEC has helped many schools, districts, and organizations with their professional development. These clients include:

School Districts:
Rochester, NY; Denver, CO; Mesa, AZ; New York City, NY; Ballston Spa, NY; Killingly, CT; Grafton, MA; Nauset, MA; Aurora, CO; Hyde Park, VT; Falls Church, VA; Burlington, VT; Dartmouth, MA; Wolcott, CT; Brattleboro, VT; Chester, VT; Windham, NH; Hong Kong, CN; Copenhagen, DN; Malone, NY; Lubec, ME; McAllan, TX; Waco, TX; Charleston, SC; Broward County, FL.

Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Amplify, National Association of Independent Schools, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National School Boards Association, Council of the Great City Schools, Massachusetts Principals Association, Connecticut Principals Association, New Jersey Principals Association, Rhode Island Principals Association, Vermont Principals Association, Texas Association of School Administrators, East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools, Federation of Overseas British Schools, Gates Foundation, Association of Independent Schools of New England.

Harvard University, Springfield College, Shenandoah College, Bridgewater State College, Jakarta International School, University of Thailand CC, South China University of Technology, City University of New York, SUNY Buffalo, Mitchell College (NC), University of Nantes (France), Ruamrudee International School (Bangkok), Thaksin University (Thailand), American International School of Guangzhou (China), SENAI School of the Future (Brazil), University of Pernambuco (Brazil), Rhode Island College.

email: jim@lengel.net
Click to send an email message to Jim, who earned his degrees at Yale College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has worked in government, academic, and industry organizations for 43 years. After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Marshall Islands, Jim began his career as a public school teacher in Vermont, where he worked his way to the post of Deputy Commissioner of Education, and was appointed to a Fulbright Scholarship in China. His interest in new technologies led him to Apple Computer, where he served as Education Technology Consultant for six years. Jim returned to teaching at Boston University, where he developed the digital media program at the College of Communication, and helped build a center for teaching excellence. He later served on the faculty of Hunter College of the City University of New York, where his work concentrated on the application of digital technologies to teaching and learning, especially the video analysis of teaching. Jim consults with organizations around the world, as seen on the list of clients below. Jim has authored nine books on education and communication, including Education 3.0. He is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Captain in the Merchant Marine, and races his sailboat Top Cat along the coast of New England during the summer season.
, kathi@lengel.net
Click to send an email message to Kathi. a former teacher and school principal who for the last 16 years has helped teachers and school leaders integrate technology into their work. Her clients include Apple, Inc. in the US, Europe, and Asia; Principals Associations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York; Cisco Systems in NYC; the Killingly Public Schools in CT; and the Pennfield School in RI. An author of dozens of teacher guides and online courses for Apple, Inc., she co-authored Integrating Technology: A Practical Guide, published by Allyn & Bacon in 2006. She holds a BS in Early Childhood Education and an M.Ed. in Administration and Planning. She holds adjunct professorships at both Hunter College and Fitchburg State University. Since October, 2010, Kathi has introduced the iPad in more than 75 workshops in MA, RI, NYC, NH, and Vermont to more than 1,500 educators.

voice: 508 904 0749, 401 835 4736
AIM: ProfJimCOM, kmlengel1
Skype: jimlengel, kmlengel1
mail: Box 341, Duxbury, Vermont 05676, USA